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Show #4 – Being Healthy with Talli – Strength Training (Part 2) July 21, 2006

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Topic of the Week
This is part two of strength training. Today we will discuss safety guidelines and common myths to strength training (which I might add are very entertaining).

If you have never strength trained before, it is important to seek some professional advice from a qualified personal trainer or physical therapist before you start. Incorrect technique can cause injury.

Some common myths to strength training are:

1. If I strength train, I will get so huge and look like a man. (women say this)

2. Abdominal exercises will get rid of the unwanted pounds around my waist and my 6 pack will finally shine through.

3. Muscle can turn into fat and fat can turn into muscle.

4. I am not young anymore. I am just too old to start lifting weights.

If you like the content of the show please tell others. The more people that listen the more people I can help to improve their health. Everyone can use a few insights when it comes to being healthy.


1. Leor Pantilat - July 26, 2006

Great show, we enjoyed listening to it!

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