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How to Subscribe

How to Subscribe
Here are the answers to some common questions…

1. Q: Do I need an iPod to listen to podcasts?
A: No, you can play podcasts on anything capable of playing mp3s. This includes your computer.

2. Q: Do I need a Macintosh?
A: No, you can use a Mac or a PC.

3. Q: Does it cost money?
A: No, it’s free.

4. Q: Is it hard to download podcasts?
A: No, and I’ll walk you through the steps.

1. Download itunes from http://www.apple.com/itunes
2. Go to my website.
3. Click on my iTunes link on the right hand side of the homepage.
4. Wait a second and it will open iTunes.
5. Click on the Grey subscribe button to the right of my logo.
6. Done.

5. What happens now?
1. The latest episode is downloaded to iTunes.
2. Every time you go on the internet, iTunes will look for new shows and automatically download them for you.
3. Just click on any show to listen to it right on your computer.

6. Q: That’s it?
A: Yep.

7. Q: What if I have problems or have a question?
A: Email me at beinghealthyinfo@gmail.com and I’ll try to help you out.


1. David Lee - July 26, 2006

Hi Talli,

This is so exciting!

I’ve saved this site to my favorites. I’ll be coming back for more health tips.

Keep up the good work,


2. Kat - August 27, 2006

I just susbscribed. How do I download the earlier podcasts? The ‘get’ button does not appear on the iTunes site .

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